more options for assistance

following are links to products and organizations we recommend

Tru-Catch 30LTD Double Door trap

we strongly believe the TruCatch trap is THE best choice


Freeman Net

built-in sliding handle closure and zipper at the bottom of the net for faster transfer to a carrier. Ideal for trap-neuter-release


Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project

Great information about helping feral cats. They offer free S/N for feral cats, low-cost S/N for pet-owners.


Regional Animal Services King County (RASKC)

Committed, collaborative, and compassionate animal care
Built on the cornerstone values of compassion and service, RASKC provides King County with sustainable, cost effective services that protect people and animals, while providing humane animal care.


Seattle Animal Shelter

Great volunteer opportunities to help homeless cats and dogs. They also have a Spay/Neuter clinic. This clinic gets very full and limited during the busy time.


The Whole Cat and kaboodle

Nutrition & Behavior Consultation~Grooming~Boarding~Retail ​
Transforming the relationships people have with their cats by teaching them how to see and understand the world from the cats perspective, and to providing tools to make that happen.


SAFe (Seattle Area Feline Rescue)

a non-profit, no-kill rescue, 501c3, SAFe Rescue takes in homeless cats and kittens, gives them the care they need to recover, and finds them loving homes. An Adoption Center and extensive network of community volunteers and foster families help to carry out its mission and save more lives.


Friends of the Animals Foundation

a small all-volunteer organization devoted to cat rescue, foster care, and adoption. We humanely trap feral cats, spay or neuter them, and then return them to where they were trapped; or foster, socialize, and put them up for adoption.


Canopy Cat Rescue

Cat stuck in a tree? Call Canopy Cat Rescue, expert technical tree climbers who will come out and rescue your cat. Follow their ‘adventures’ on Facebook. These awesome guys work on a donation basis so every kitty has a chance to be rescued!