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CityStream: Feral Cats 9/21/2011

Seattle`s feral cat population has grown and has become a problem throughout the entire City. But Producer Matt Peterson introduces us to some compassionate animal lovers who are trying to change that.

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Local dog rescuer helps facilitate feral cat round-up in Federal Way, WA

Over 40 cats were captured, most, if not all, under the age of 2 years. The implications of 40+ unaltered cats breeding is staggering. Pamela typically releases the feral cats back in the area in which they were trapped; after they are spayed or neutered, given shots, and wormed.

I spoke with Pamela last night and she said that this particular case is unusual. All but two of the cats that were captured are actually friendly and adoptable. Some of the cats have been turned over to area shelters, but many are in need of homes through Pamela.

Interested parties can contact Pamela at 206-427-6454 to inquire about adoption. Fees range from $75-100 and the cats (kittens) are all altered, wormed, vaccinated and treated with Advantage. If you are not able to adopt a cat or kitten, but would like to help Pamela with her efforts to keep feral cat populations under control, you can visit her website for more information.

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Seattle woman helping feral cats get spayed, neutered

Feral, or abandoned cats that are not spayed or neutered, can have kittens at a dizzying rate. The Humane Society estimates they are responsible for 147 million kittens a year in the United States.

That's why one Seattle woman has made it her personal mission to humanely trap them, get them spayed or neutered, and then release them back to where she found them to live the rest of their days without reproducing.

Pam Brumell traps up to 40 or so cats a week and brings them to clinics. She says she uses anything stinky, usually tuna and oil, to lure the cats.

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